Elegant black and white box with a peekaboo hole and pull-out tray, available in 9's and 12's, perfect for travel/shipping.

Php 390.00 | Box of 12 pieces (Original & Seasonal)
Php 290.00 | Box of 9 pieces (Original & Seasonal)

Flavors available:
ALL NEW Premium: Lindt Dark Chocolate and Mint, Pure Belgian Dark Chocolate, Earl Gray and Belgian Milk Chocolate, Citrus Curd

Original White Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, Hazelnut (Nutella), Pistachio, Strawberry, and Salted Caramel

Seasonal: Cookies and Cream, Mocha

Shelf life: Due to absence of preservatives or extenders, Empire guarantees freshness for 4-5 days, refridgerated.